The Gut-Health Connection

Repair the gut

If your gut is slowing you down or impeding with your quality of life Naturopathic medicine has solutions.   You will find out which foods are right for you, how to heal your gut lining, and promote healthy microbial balance.

The Gut-Health Connection: there is no doubt that the majority of our health problems started in the gut. Our digestive does so much more than digest, absorb and eliminate foods. Our gut houses a large portion of our microbiome. Our microbiome is unique to every individual with regard to strains of flora, and amounts of gut flora that lives in our intestines. The lining of our intestines creates a barrier between the food we eat and the flora as well as our immune system. The immune system influences our reactions to foods, inflammatory responses and chronic disease.

Leaky gut syndrome or intestinal permeability is intestinal cells or enterocytes are supposed to be held together by ‘tight junctions’. Either due to poor eating habits, exposure to antibiotics or medications that irritate the your gut, stress the barrier and microbiome weaken and the tight junctions develop gaps which you can develop leaky gut. When this occurs consider it a latch to a gate in a fenced in yard. The latch is now unlocked and it’s a party everyone is welcome in! So fragments of protein, bacteria, yeast, parasites can all now get into your system. These cells will be recognized by the immune system as foreign invaders and respond by attacking and mounting an inflammatory immune response. Your body is not put on high alert and you will begin to react to many things in your environment.

Gut-Skin Axis:

The gut and skin play similar roles. They both help to defend from harmful pathogens while being covered in beneficial bacteria. When the gut is not functioning optimally the first place it will show up is the skin. I have never healed a rash through topical applications only. Any form of skin condition, acne, rash or irritation is always due to an internal issue. For beautiful, clear, glowing skin you need to address the GUT!


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