Many, may not know that before I became a Naturopathic Doctor my background was very much in health and fitness.  I was always involved in various competitive sports.  My undergraduate degree was in Kinesiology, then I went on to get my teaching degree in physical education and biology. I have coached many sports and love being active and involved in sports.

As, I began my career as an ND and became a mother it became more difficult to get to a gym or attend fitness classes.  I have gone to many wonderful gyms, fitness classes, and bootcamps, however, when you have a busy work and home life there is sometimes just not enough time in the day!

I needed simple, easy and convenient.  I was educated in these fields and knew how to eat and exercise however, as I got older and had less and less time for myself it became challenging.  A colleague introduced me to FasterWay and I loved the workouts, the variety is amazing you are never bored.  With regard to the nutrition plan and tracking my macros I was able to see what macros I was not eating enough of and macros I needed to increase.

With everything I knew and know about nutrition, improving body composition and weight loss this program had it all. It incorporates low carb but you aren’t eating low carb everyday.  It utilizes intermittent fasting. It tracks macros, and there are fasting days you can opt in or out of.  And the best of all is that it is available at your fingertips.  You download an app on your phone and you have access to the workouts, menu plan, recipes for the meals and more.