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Why Buy Professional Brand Supplements?

We offer the highest quality professional branded supplements at affordable prices.

Professional quality natural supplements are those used by healthcare professionals such as Naturopathic Doctors to promote wellness and treat health concerns. To ensure that your health improves; it is important that we use supplements of the highest quality. Professional supplements adhere to the highest standards of quality. They do not contain harmful artificial colors, flavours, preservatives or chemicals.

Products are based on scientific rationale using purest, highest quality, natural, raw ingredients (from an organic source). Organic sourcing is very important because nutritional studies have proven that there are more of the key nutrients in organically grown fruits and vegetables than there are in mass produced, chemically treated ones. Some nutritional supplements may do more harm than good because they may contain harmful ingredients such as pesticides, artificial coloring, flavouring and preservatives and additives.

Full spectrum sourcing - ensures the product contains all the nutrients you need, sourced from many plants (versus 1 or 2) so that you receive the full benefit of the active ingredient, as key enzymes and ingredients can be lost in the extraction process.

Safety - many different bargain brands have been developed with the claim that their product is just as good as the more expensive ones and much cheaper. Be very wary of such claims! If a supplement is priced far below its competitors, they had to find some way to trim down the costs. Find supplement packages and products needed for natural home, health and heart!

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